With over , customers and years of experience deploying hyper-converginfrastructure-bas solutions across diverse applicationsdatabasesand other workloadsNutanix has proven that HCI brings many benefits to SAP users as well. So farusers in the area of ​​SAPbeen able to benefit from this. That has now chang. We are pleas to announce that in JulyNutanix became the first HCI platform to be certifi to scale out SAP HANA. The list of certifications from SAPwhich we pioneer for the industry and which includefor exampleSAP

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NetWeaver and SAP HANA Scale-up was thus expand once again. The certification certifies that Nutanix supports the setup as well as the scaling of analysis projects for SAP BW / HANA. Nutanix is ​​therefore suitable both for the initial setup of SAP HANA and for Saint Lucia Business Email List migration projectswhich can be implement more easily and quickly. As a ruleit is time-consuming to provide the requir  and optimizing data warehouse projects. It is even more as the project progresses. The new certification enables data warehousing.

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Performance when implementing

ON HCI and the Nutanix cloud platform. It also enables those responsible for SAP BW and BH and the underlying infrastructure to benefit from the flexibilityon-demand scalabilityperformance and ease of management that Nutanix software is known for and with which we Mailing Data Pro continue to successfully contribute to infrastructure to make invisible. In addition to the new certificationthere is other good news. For examplewe have expand our previous HANA certification. SAP SHANA and other HANA scale-up environments now allow up to .5 TB for a single HANA database.

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