ERecap of the first season with Xi Leap Last year’s Disaster Recovery as a Service DRaaS champion race brought a new addition in the form of industry darling for hyper-converg infrastructure Nutanix. Xi Leapcame out with a fresh look and brand new features that caus many to turn their heads. Even the most loyal fans of his competitors stopp and kick the tires to test them. Thenas it cross the finish line firstrace after racethe industry was forc to pay attention to it. It wasn’t a flash in the pan – this was obviously a hot rod with performance to match its glossy finish.

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So it didn’t take long for the other racers to realize that the bigblue-green X was good for the fight for pole position in every race. Looking at the first year with Xi Leap .the numbers speak for Slovenia Business Email List themselves: In the past monthsthe number of VMs protect by Xi Leap has increas tenfold and the numberĀ  of customers has quadrupl. Nutanix VPN is us by % of customers and ruces onboarding time by an average of %. In record timeXi Leap has establish himself as the workhorse for proven technology develop as part of AOS Enterprise Cloud Software as the engine for success. So the excellently design engine was already there. Building a DRaaS race car around it was a natural progression.

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Consequently Leap became a native extension of AOS and uses the same management interface with Prism Central for control. Xi Leap . enters the next round with a turbocharger During the winter breakXi Leap engineers continu to work hard on and improve their Mailing Data Pro winning strategy. Already in the previous seasonXi Leap excit the crowds at the time trial. With the newtur minutes and proven RTO of one hourindustry experts prict even greater success in its second year. “Customers will not be disappoint said Manjul Sahaysenior director of product management at Nutanix. In its second seasonthe Xi Leap team is aiming to take pole position more timesfinish first at the checker flag more times and are already.

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