Hygge ” is the latest buzzword for personal fulfilment: the Danish name for finding happiness in the simplest things in life. According to studies, Denmark is probably the happiest country in the world, so its lessons are worth paying attention to. To better understand what hygge is , close your eyes for a moment and imagine a winter Sunday. It’s raining outside, but at home you’re comfortable and warm, curled up on the sofa with a blanket and hot chocolate and your favorite series about to start. That’s the kind of feeling hygge refers to, and the best thing about this concept is that it doesn’t require turning your life upside down or hoping you’ll win the lottery.

Hygge and happiness in companies

To a large extent, you are responsible for your Bulk SMS Italy own happiness. Hygge and happiness in companies There are many things we can learn from this concept when it comes to improving happiness in the company. It is about taking care of the small details to achieve that comfortable feeling, of comfort and belonging. On a practical level, these are some ideas that can help create that environment in companies: Thank people for their work. We are not machines, nor can we produce forever without emotional reward. For this reason, valuing a job well done can help make us smile, feel satisfied with ourselves and continue striving to give our best.

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Trust the employee

Trust the employees. Overly vigilant bosses, who Mailing Data Pro treat their employees as if they are irresponsible, create a negative environment in the company. One of the essential ingredients for happiness in organizations is that employees feel valued, and for this it is essential to give them as much freedom as possible to organize their own work. Self-management of schedule and vacations . Expanding on the previous point, a great vote of confidence by the management is to let the employees themselves take responsibility for their schedules and their vacation days. In short, it is about assessing the achievement of objectives and not the mere presence in the office. Promote talent and training .

Learning new things is very stimulating and satisfying. Having the opportunity to do it at work makes employees feel fulfilled and also benefits the company itself. Organize group activities for the growth of workers, for example, company retreats or book clubs. Thus, team members can continue sharing experiences and reinforcing their bond with activities that are not strictly work. Offer incentives such as restaurant tickets or private insurance. Although compensation is by no means the most important factor, details like these help to show the goodwill of the company and create an environment where hygge can make an appearance.

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