They understand textual information much better and reach for it more willingly, although they may still prefer information in the form of video. 13-15 years old, younger teens – at this age they feel the nd for self-identification, greater autonomy, belonging to a group, they start to distance themselves or question the values ​​and rules of their parents and school, they use devices and services much more often without their parents’ knowldge and control.

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They commonly use social mdia and streaming platforms (music, films), often compare themselves to the standards of the group, which phone number list makes them vulnerable to extreme behavior, both excessive belief in the superiority of their own characteristics and the risk of falling into negative mental states in the event of a feeling of being different from the rest or recognizing their own deficits.

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Restoring data your solution

When it comes to online threats and problems, they can seek help and support from their parents, but they are also often afraid Mailing Data Pro of contacting their parents, not wanting to show their online activity. 16 – 17, almost adults – at this age, they already have a lot of knowldge about the functioning of the Internet and the risks associatd with making data. photos) public there, they already have well-developd abilities to understand and analyze the situation, but they still cannot be treatd as fully grown people.

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