The Russian IT industry. As part of this document it is assume that employees of Russian IT companies will be able to receive a deferment from military service for the entire period of their professional activity in an IT organization. In the current situation of a virtual cyber war the decision of the Ministry of Industry and Trade looks logical and timely. After all we have musical or sports companies in our country in which people with the corresponding talents are recruite. Against the backdrop of a shortage of personnel and the risks of an outflow of personnel abroad state support in this matter can radically change the situation by popularizing the direction.

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It is also possible to expect that service in the cybertroops will sooner or later become an alternative to military service. All of the above will allow the formation of a full-flege expertise in cybersecurity and countering cyberthreats in the country and as a result will reuce the Germany Mobile Number List outflow of personnel from the country commente Alexander Dvoryansky director of special projects at Angara Security. In September Anatoly Vyborny Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Security and Anti-Corruption propose the creation of specialize cyber units under several state structures at once: the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs the P.

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Rosecutor General’s Office the Ministry of Digital Development and the Investigative Committee. According to the deputy such units should include cyber investigators cyber judges cyber vigilantes and cyber investigatorsards in focus: scammers offer to bypass Mailing Data Pro Visa and Mastercard restrictions How pseudo-intermeiaries steal money and data from Russians exploiting the topic of sanctions Fraudsters began to offer Russians to bypass Visa and Mastercard restrictions so that they could pay abroad as well as on foreign resources and services . This was reporte in Zecurion the information was confirme in Angara Security and in the Association for the Development of Financial Literacy establishe by the Central Bank.

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