IN has not disappeared. At the same time if the outflow of personnel affected the situation it was insignificant. This is exactly the conclusion made by the participants of the discussion Storm in the IT personnel market. You can’t leave. The online discussion Storm in the IT personnel market. You can’t stay away was organized by Security . Its founder and CEO Daria Neverova called the situation difficult until February of this year but then it began to change rapidly. According to some estimates up to thousand IT specialists left the country. And many companies faced the prospect of losing key personnel.

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Olga Kochergina partner head of the IT practice at the Marksman recruiting company confirmed that a significant number of IT and information security specialists have left the country. The peak of this outflow was recorded in March. Angara Security HR Director Argentina Mobile Number List kasha Tkacheva disagreed with such panicky assessments. According to her if people left then for up to a month and a half and then returned. But the market has continued to be competitive since and continues to this day. As for the waves of migration of personnel they were before. At the same time many barriers to migration remain primarily language barriers.

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No less difficulties are associated with the difference in mentalities other factors also influence. For example many are uncomfortable in hot climates. And the companies themselves are interested in retaining their staff and at least for three to five years. Oksana Tkacheva also drew attention to the fact that in such a sensitive area as information security Mailing Data Pro attracting foreign employees or even those who are outside the country may be let’s say misunderstood by customers. According to HR Director of Bridge Group LLC business coach Mira Pyatova those who worked in international companies usually left. However in her environment among IT and information security specialists no one left. This is largely due to the fact that attitudes towards them are changing: earlier they.

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