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I expect this will be one of the biggest areas: fraudulent websites will be created with air tickets hotel reservations both within the country and abroad says Yakov Kravtsov head of the Digital Risk Research Department at GroupIB. The advice is simple: try to use only proven services that you or your loved ones have already applied to. It is also a good idea to buy tickets and tours directly from organizations that provide services and not through intermediaries. Incredible discounts and promotions The next subspecies of attracting potential victims are the promises of huge discounts when purchasing services. At the same time scammers often ask not to pay but to transfer money to a card.

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Remember that services must be paid for by a payment and not by a simple transfer of money. Check the purpose and recipient of the payment during the payment process. Do not transfer money to individuals says Yana Yurakova an analyst at the Positive Technologies Kazakhstan Mobile Number List research group. If this individual turns out to be a fraudster it will be very difficult even more likely impossible to return the money. Then if you see an incredibly profitable offer that is very different from what competitors offer you need to carefully check the resource.

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The expert recommends looking at reviews on thirdparty sources checking the spelling of the site in the address bar especially if you are contacting wellknown agencies. In addition it is worth paying attention to how the payment process is organized. For example if they Mailing Data Pro offer to transfer money to an electronic wallet or by a bank card number then this is a fraudulent site. The state will return the money for the rest Another popular scheme is related to attempts to obtain payment information under the guise of compensation and cashback. The scammer calls on behalf of an official government employee and under the pretext of a preferential reimbursement.

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