OF Russia’s critical information infrastructure. For the business environment the increased interest in cybersecurity has created additional opportunities: the exit of foreign companies and the aggravated threats have pushed industry entrepreneurs to create new structures. In midMay it became known about the entry into the market of a new player Cyberok whose creators come from Positive Technologies and Kaspersky Lab who relied on open source solutions. Also a specialized community should be formed in the cand collaboration so that the business can exchange its solutions and refine them on one platform.

Ompany for communication with the industry

Building up Russia’s cyber armor will provide the necessary level of security for its existing economy to develop normally and the country to become a leader in the formation of a cybersecurity infrastructure on which it will be possible to build a new technological order RUSSOFT President Latvia Mobile Number List Valentin Makarov is sure. Also an increase in the level of information¬† of the Russian economy due to leadership in the implementation of this new way of life he concludes.Bug Bounty: not a silver bullet but it helps Bug Bounty: not a silver bullet but it helps The obvious advantage of Bug Bounty is to lure the socalled gray hats into the legal field hackers.

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Security will lead to a nonlinear growth

Who can work both in the ethical and in the illegal field. But this is not the only advantage of these programs. On March the Kommersant publication became aware that the international platform for finding vulnerabilities HackerOne did not pay the Belarusian hacker Mailing Data Pro He was supposed to receive this amount for the found vulnerability under the Bug Bounty BB program.  that the hacker is in the zone of sanctions. Sanctioned hackers are no longer able to participate in financial transactions.

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