“Puff, tomorrow Monday…”. If every Sunday you go to bed anxious about the idea of ​​working the next day, it is clear that you need to turn your life around… and we have the solution. Inspiring Mondays is a podcast with a very simple goal: to make all workers start Monday mornings with enthusiasm . We give different tools to be happier at work and in everyday life. We do it through value interviews. Every week we invite an entrepreneur or professional with an inspiring life journey that we think will help our audience. The program lasts between 30 and 40 minutes and is focused on how to be a better company and how to find the motivation to improve yourself every day.

How we create a happy company

In short, we give you all the necessary tools so Bulk SMS Indonesia that Mondays seem inspiring days to you. The program is led by two dynamic people with extensive experience in the media and the world of entrepreneurs. They are Mónica Günther, journalist and radio presenter, and David Tomás, CEO of Cyberclick, innovative policy entrepreneur and author of the book The Happiest Company in the World . How we create a happy company at Cyberclick The Inspiring Mondays program is based on our experience and values ​​at Cyberclick, where we try to create a happier company every day for the people who work in it. Thanks to this, we have obtained the title of best SME to work for in Spain twice in a row, awarded by Great Place to Work.

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These are some of the key characteristics of our Mailing Data Pro company culture. But if you want to know more. We invite you to visit our podcast!: At. We have three basic principles that the entire staff must internalize. Be admirable people. want to improve every day and be customer experience geeks. To make sure these aren’t just slogans. At each weekly meeting we share examples where company values ​​have been reflected in our work. Every day, workers answer a series of questions to create their happiness traffic light .

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