Work in this direction is very active. They are initiated mainly not by standardization bodies technical committees and subcommittees but by industry regulators – the Ministry of Digital Development of Russia the Federal Security Service of Russia the Federal Tax Service of Russia etc. The results of these works are formalized and approved not as standards GOST GOST R OST but as documents of the relevant regulators orders of the Ministry of Digital Development of Russia Federal Security Service of Russia orders and resolutions of the Government of the Russian Federation.

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Unlike standards which by default are advisory in our country documents at the level of a Government decree are mandatory for use within the scope of regulation. And as a result the reaction of the industry to such documents is more active and faster which is very important when Dubai Phone Number List  implementing for example As an example we can cite the activities of regulators in the field of information interaction through the system of interdepartmental electronic document management MEDO. Over the past years the regulatory framework in the field of MEDO has been significantly improved. In particular a new version of the format for the exchange of electronic documents according to MEDO Requirements for the organizational and technical interaction of state.

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Bodies and state organizations approved by order of the Ministry of Digital Development of Russia and the Federal Security Service of Russia dated December No. / new Rules for the exchange of documents in electronic form when organizing information interaction Mailing Data Pro approved by Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of July No. requirements for the procedure for maintaining regulatory reference information NSI of MEDO are currently being approved. Alexander Konini head of the consulting and audit department at Angara Security Standardization is by default an important process as it allows you to regulate the rules of the game.

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