Data written in large chunks or sequential streams benefit less from oplog buffering than smallrandom writes. ThereforeAOS dynamically chooses what data is written to oplog at all. AOS 5. works with a better algorithm and thus identifies sequential write processes more effectively. As a resultperformance for workloads with sustain sequential writes improves significantly—up to twice as much in some cases. Non-disruptiveplann failover Business continuity plans aren’t just made in the event of a disaster. Another important consideration is the ability to perform routine maintenance or upgrades without disrupting operations.

Rganizations of all sizes

With version is now easier to live migrate applications as part of a plann failover. All VMs protect by synchronous replication and a recovery plan can be migrat to the target cluster and activat via two new workflows. The first enables failover migration of all VMs that are part Germany Business Email List of a defin recovery plan in Prism Central. The secod nallows you to select a specific VM to migrate. Multi-site replication with Leap Disaster Recovery Nutanix Leap provides the comprehensive disaster recovery DR capabilities built into AOS. With policy-bas managementDR runbookscloud DR and oto maintain business continuity.

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Relatively close to each other

AOS has support replication at multiple locations for years. AOS 5. now brings this functionality to Leap as well. For many companiesreplication at multiple locations is mandatory. Now they too can benefit from Leap’s powerful features. Strict SLAs often require data centers that Mailing Data Pro  arer to be chosen. Howevera major disaster could affect both data centers simultaneously. The possibility of a normal failover or a normal disaster recovery would then no longer exist. With the multisite replication capabilities that are now part of Leapdata can also be export to a third data center or public cloud destinations such as Nutanix clusters with a higher RPO recovery point objective.

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