The more purchases a customer makes the higher his level in the loyalty program and the more opportunities he gets. As a result buyers have a sense of their importance to the brand and a desire to achieve a higher customer status. An old friend is better than two new ones tips for creating an effective loyalty program . Create a customer community According to statistics of buyers prefer the recommendations of their friends to traditional advertisements.

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This phenomenon is based on the psychological mechanism of social proof which was described by the American psychologist Robert Cialdini in the book Psychology of Influence people tend to imitate others and pay attention to their position when making a decision relying Australia Mobile Number List on their more expert opinion. Work to create a sense of community and community with your like-minded customers by incorporating social media content sharing into your online store’s loyalty program. For example the American jewelry store Crystalize Jewelry has introduced a special bonus program for customers who post photos of purchased jewelry on Instagram.

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This allows potential buyers to see many real client shots of their favorite jewelry and visualize it as an addition to their wardrobe. An old friend is better than two new ones tips for creating an effective loyalty program . Motivate buyers to leave reviews Customer reviews Mailing Data Pro can significantly increase the conversion of your online store as they activate the mechanism of social confirmation of the reliability and relevance of your products among other buyers. Send emails to customers thanking them for the order asking them to rate the service of the online store and leave feedback on the purchase. For example one of the online electronics stores sends a letter with a proposal to characterize the impression of interaction with the store using two buttons Bad and Good.

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