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Have become more frequent in the last few days said Evgeny Tsarev director of the RTM Group (a consulting company in the field of information security forensics and IT law). For example attackers use social engineering — they call an organization pretending to be experts in the field of information security of a large company and offer to urgently eliminate a dangerous vulnerability on its website as well as make the necessary system settings to increase protection – enable two-factor authentication malware blocking etc. further he said. The purpose of this attack is to quickly gain access to the corporate resource of the company.

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ITs representative is offere to give a login and password to perform the necessary manipulations to protect the resource. Then the attackers get access to the necessary resource (most often a website) and full control over it. They can place any information on it can Netherlands Phone Numbers List copy databases disrupt the site or completely disable it Tsarev explaine. According to ecosystem experts of ANO National Agency for Entrepreneurship Development in the field of information security the cost of restoring websites of self-employe and SMEs after various attacks is from thousand rubles to thousand. According to the organization’s CEO Yuliana.

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Algeria it all depends on the nature of the cyber attack and the complexity site. As note in Kaspersky Lab to protect against cyber threats entrepreneurs must implement a number of measures including regular updates of the operating system and software the use Mailing Data Pro of VPN data backup password management increasing the digital literacy of staff as well as the use of integrate solutions on security which will help build reliable protection against attacks of any complexity and intensity.

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