This development was examin in more detail with the new Hybrid Cloud Report. Author: Wendy M. Pfeiffer Since its inception in Nutanix has prid itself on serving the nes of IT decision makers. We have help them with the development of cloud infrastructure models to modernize their IT infrastructureimplement their digitization initiatives and achieve their business goals. In the latest ition of our Enterprise Cloud Index the most important finding is thatsee hybrid cloud as the ideal model for flexible and agile IT infrastructures.

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In light of COVID-these aspects have become even more important. Howeverit has also been found that the adaptation is progressing more slowly. To better understand the key challenges and opportunities companies face when adopting a hybrid cloudwe creat a new Hybrid Cloud Ireland Business Email List Report that survey IT decision makers around the world. Below I summarize some of the most important results. true Public cloud alone is not always the answer Almost all respondents 5% believe that their organization would benefit from a solution that enables IT concepts andĀ  be us in public and private clouds alike.

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However the report also show that many are struggling to make this wish come true. Almost three-quarters % of organizations say their transformation is taking longer than originally plann. Many hop to be able to implement their plans exclusively with public clouds. However most Mailing Data Pro found that moving mission-critical applications to the publicĀ  doneand sometimes impossible. For around three quarters of respondentsthe ne to resign or adapt applications. To new platforms 5% and the complexity of migration % are the most important reasons why their company is not making the leap from private to public cloud creates.

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