It will be difficult to find a journalist who will side with the organization if he does not know its full history. When the first indications appear in the company that a crisis is emerging, it is best to start acting right away. Postponing informing the meia about the situation is detrimental to the company and will only make it worse in the end. When dealing with the meia, it is worth focusing on 5 actions: warning about problems, apologies instead of retorts, attempting to warm up the image, Cooperation with the meia and creating the image of the organization Customers choose brands they know and trust.

Of Employees In The Preparation

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that establishing cooperation with the meia is a very good step, because thanks to them, it is very easy to create the image of the organization outside. Cooperation with journalists is mutually beneficial – the whatsapp mobile number list organization can easily reach a wide audience, while the journalist receives material for publication. It should also be note that the meia are opinion leaders. Consumers very often follow what appears in the mass meia, and journalists are a truste source of information (although here a lot depends on the type of meium chosen.

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Ad Implementation Of The Strategy

Radio and television enjoy great creibility. People assess them as reliable, and at the same time, few declare that they do not use them at all. Creibility, in turn, translates into ease in shaping the company’s image. We recommend An interesting and Mailing Datapro  professional press release – how to create it? Cooperation with the meia in crisis situations The situation is slightly different in the case of the Internet. Here, many people declare that they do not consider it a reliable source of information. Internet journalists, who seem to be creible to most Internet users due to their considerable independence, are a separate issue.