The following is a list of the new functionalities that further improve the user experience: AHV® storage over-allocation and VM templates Advanced resilience monitoring Capacity planning for non-Nutanix VMware ESXi™ clusters Advanced storage management and transparency Extended maintenance mode support Simplified packaging and licensing Nutanix AOS .5 is part of our simplified packaging designed to simplify ordering of our hybrid cloud infrastructuremulti-cloud management unified storage database and desktop services solutions.

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Customers now have integrated solutions with standard per-core licensing typical of modern cloud offerings. What makes it special is that the licenses are fully portable to deploy at the edgein the data centeror on AWS. A full list of Nutanix software options is Phone Number List available here . Nutanix Database Service Nutanix’s value for mission-critical databases doesn’t end with infrastructure. The Nutanix Database Service™ database-as-a-service offering automates developers to self-service their database requirements. Customers who appreciate the simplicity and elegance of our HCI offering gain additional value by addisize.

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Nutanix Test DriveNutanix Test Drive allows you to operate your own test cluster remotely within minutes conveniently via the browser. Test Drive demonstrates how easy one-click infrastructure  simplifies routine tasksprovides availability and resiliencyand keeps pace with IT demands s entire Mailing Data Pro cloud infrastructure and workloads easily and effortlessly manage. (both are short-term support versions – STS). It contains additional bug fixes and is an LTS version. The differences between LTS and STS versions can be found at this link. To take advantage of the latest and greatest featuresexisting customers should upgrade as soon as possible using the Nutanix Life.

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