Testing phase Cozy Home tested two variations of Look-alike campaigns based on the following segments: The entire user base of the online store Cozy Home In this case, all users meant people who, over the past 12 months, left their email to the online store and agreed to receive the newsletter. This database consisted of 150,000 people and was quite heterogeneous, as both newbies and VIP buyers subscribe to the newsletter, and those who shared their contacts a year ago, but never purchased anything. The database was uploaded to the Facebook advertising account, the system formed a segment from it and searched for similar users based on it. In total, 25,500,000 people were found. How base segmentation helped to halve the ADR of advertising campaigns: Cozy Home case.

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Loyal user segment prepared by Retail Rocket As we have already noted, this segment was created using the Customer Intelligence Platform – based on the analysis of purchases, transitions and other metrics, it broke the entire customer Norway Mobile Number List base of the Cozy Home online store into several segments: new customers, loyal customers and those who are about to leave . For each business, the number of such segments, their boundaries and internal indicators (number of orders, average check, segment size, etc.) will be different. To build a LAL campaign, we selected one of the most interesting segments: Loyal.

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Customers who buy regularly In total, the segment we prepared included 1,750 email addresses. Despite the fact that it was about 100 times smaller than the entire base Mailing Data Pro of loyal users, this did not affect the efficiency of the system in any way, and it selected 25,500,000 similar users based on it. How base segmentation helped to halve the ADR of advertising campaigns: Cozy Home case Based on the results of testing, it was clear that our segmentation allowed us to reduce the share of advertising costs (DRS) of LAL campaigns by 2 times.

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