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Fortunately some general statements can be made on this question that provide orientation and are bas in particular on tests by my colleague Sven Huismann. Incidentally he and our joint colleague Kees Baggermann present their recommendations to a larger audience a few days ago at the VDI Performance Summit 2020 (click here for their presentation on Brighttalk: Tales from the Dark – Avoiding performance issues in your EUC environment ) . know the workload In order to optimally dimension the resources of virtual workplaces it is above all important.

Cloud or in your own data center

To understand how the users work. Only then can it  are requir with which clock rates or what size the main memory must have etc. The answer to the question of what the workload actually looks like is independent of whether it is implement in the and is provid. Because the United Arab Emirates Business Email List question is equally relevant in both environments. In order to clarify this “how” in individual cases answers to the following questions help: Which employees actually ne a virtual workplace What times do the employees work Which applications do you use How often long and intensively do you work with the applications.

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Do the applications work with one

On which device do you use the applications What resources do the applications ne. The question of the resources requir by the applications has several aspects:  (single-thread app) or multiple (multi-thread app) execution. Threads at the same time How much RAM do you Mailing Data Pro ne What network load do they generate. Do they ne additional GPUs Do they access shar file drives Do they ne to access other applications maybe. Even in the backend Do they ne access to webcams or microphones Of course. the answers to these questions. Cannot be found easily and quickly in all companies.

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