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Thanks to the artificial intelligence that manages all the modules of our platform, we have generated various types of mailing lists, segmenting buyers by interests, region of residence and other parameters ,” Alexander Khe, Retail Rocket Manager. Giving a positive first impression Working with new subscribers is a fundamental part of email marketing, which builds the perception of an online store by its customers, loyalty and further interaction with each customer. As a rule, it is the welcome chain that is the first interaction that allows you to establish contact with the client.

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This is a series of letters sent one after another after a certain time. It allows you to build a trusting relationship with the subscriber, introduce the company’s advantages and talk Estonia Mobile Number List about special offers. Most often, the first letter contains gratitude for the subscription, information about the assortment and benefits of the store, and a promotional code for the first order. The second letter tells about the advantages of delivery, the possibility of buying on credit, and other benefits. And those who have already made a purchase in “KotoPhoto” are waiting for a nice bonus – 100 Cat Coins for each review left about the purchased product.

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The chain ends with a letter about the KotoPhoto bonus program , which allows you to pay with bonuses up to 20% of the purchase amount. In addition, subscribers are invited to look at the promotions section and read the reviews / blog articles. And they will receive all Mailing Data Pro the most important and useful news in the following emails. Welcome chain Motivated to make the first purchase Work with the customer base should be built, first of all, on the needs of subscribers, their activity and history of actions in the online store. The Campaign Management System module takes into account all the nuances.

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