Conversion, revenue and average check. Solution: to build an effective communication strategy with customers through the implementation of trigger scenarios. Results: How to get more than 500% ROI using automated email communication: Domovoy case Goals and objectives of the online store “Domovoy” Email marketing helps the retailer to keep in touch with their customers and motivate them to make repeat purchases. Supermarket “Domovoy” Communications in the email channel can and should be automated, reducing the burden on the online store team members and increasing key business metrics. You can send a letter to each client, which will contain relevant information and an attractive offer, thanks to which he will go to the site and start his way through the sales funnel.

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IN this regard, the Internet supermarket “Domovoy” set the following tasks for Retail Rocket experts: Return to the site as many customers as possible who have not completed the order; Motivate customers to Cyprus Mobile Number List  make repeat purchases; Increase Open Rate, CTR and conversion, as well as increase profits from trigger mailings. How to get more than 500% ROI using automated email communication: Domovoy case “Our task is to make life more convenient and diverse, and make the house and apartment more comfortable.

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We have many loyal customers, and it is important for us to constantly work on retaining them. We want to provide each visitor of our site with an individual approach, and at the same time reduce the resources of a marketer, because personal communications take time and effort,” Tatiana Valerievna Startseva, head of Mailing Data Pro Internet marketing at the Domovoy store. Retail Rocket Solution Communication with customers should not only be timely and take into account the interests of the buyer, but also take a minimum of time from the marketer. This is exactly the task that automated trigger campaigns can solve. Retail Rocket automated communications accompanying the client at all stages of the Customer.

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