In the budgets of companies for information security for training employees and fo. R updating software favorable conditions for the use of social engineering (uncertainty panic) support. For sanctions restrictions by foreign information security vendors political. Preferences” of hackers who support states unfriendly to Russia. The causes and trends that appeared much earlier remain relevant and not directly related to the current conflict. For example the inability to provide employees with all information security tools remotely an increase in the number. OF routers webcams and IoT devices an increase in the number of targeted attacks and the growing interest of hackers in infrastructure of industrial.

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Enterprises One way or another cybercriminals really attack “on all fronts” and in every possible way. Only from March 1 to March 1  security experts recorded more oS attacks on the web resources of banks government agencies and other organizations than in the whole Bahrain Mobile Number List of February – and the power of these attacks also increased. Back in  the number of attacks on software vendors (including complex attacks on software supply chains) increased almost . times compared to  pressure on public sector organizations law enforcement agencies and educational institutions increased.

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Individual employees of organizations are also more likely to become victims of fraud. Cyber ​​attacks through extensions and plug-ins have become more frequent built into Internet browsers – through them attackers can gain access to corporate data of Mailing Data Pro organizations and personal data of employees. The situation is aggravated by the fact that in response to the armed actions of Russian troops in Ukraine business on the Russian market was suspended by many foreign information security vendors: Avast ESET Fortinet Palo Alto and others as well as large IT vendors that have popular solutions in their portfolio for information security – for example Cisco.

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