Mastering the Art of Freom in the Cloud: Why Freom of Choice is the Best Selling Proposition By Monica Kumar September | 5 mins There is a certain wisdom in compromise – in finding a balance between two equally important but opposing areas. And while that philosophy may apply to everything from relationships to buying a new homeorganizations today aren’t just looking for balance when it comes to their cloud architecture. Understandablythey want it all: affordabilitysimplicityunifi cloud managementreliable security protocolsguarante service levelsand.

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Easy migration of applications and workloads. This has prompt many organizations to adopt multiple clouds to meet most of their nes. According to Gartner% of companies in the public cloud use or more providers. As we see an increase in public cloud spendingmany organizations also Belgium Business Email List want to preserve their existing investments on-premises. The result? More and more  a hybrid multi-cloud computing model. In our third annual ECI % of IT decision makers said this model was ideal for them. Hybrid multi-cloud describes an architecture that works across all cloudsincluding local IT structures and off-premises services from a public cloud.

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IN these environmentsinteroperability ensures a seamless unity. But implementing and managing a hybrid multi-cloud is complicat. It is therefore important to consider three main factors
Mailing Data Pro when evaluating the options for implementing and managing such  a system – flexibilitysimplicity and choice. Let’s examine these nes and find the solution that meets them all. cloud Whether organizations are looking for an affordablelocation-independent cloud option or a larger solutionthe freom of the cloud means they don’t have to choose between the control and sovereignty of on-premises and the scalability of the public cloud. Not to  on a single vendor shouldn’t be the deciding factor. A flexible hybrid multi-cloud solution allows organizations to choose the cloud platform that makes the most sense for their nes while choosing a flexiblesubscription-bas usage model that provisions resources as neeliminating waste.

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