ON all pages of the site We often write that one of our features is that we do not finish work at the installation stage but try to constantly improve all metrics. This applies not only to A/B testing of various algorithms but also to constant monitoring of the correctness of our recommendations. We have developed a special interface with which our specialists can monitor the integration status in real time and quickly respond in case of any problems. How data sharing affects the quality of recommendations For each possible situation a report is automatically.

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Generated with a description of the necessary actions which can be sent to a representative of the online store. For example we have developed a separate subsystem USA Phone Number List that downloads images from an online store website resizes them and stores them on its own CDN. In the integration status we monitor whether there are problems with some images see the percentage of such images and we can immediately send the client a report and advice on correcting the situation automatically generated by the system. How data sharing affects the quality of recommendations.

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Case of technical failures on the client side storing images on our CDN helps to keep the recommendations displayed on the site and in emails. Conclusion No matter how high the quality of the external service is no matter how powerful and smart Mailing Data Pro the algorithms are without effective data exchange the results can be lower than the online store expects. Just like integration it can take longer if tracking codes are not installed everywhere and the necessary data is missing in the YML file. The quality of data exchange directly affects the efficiency of any external service but not every service pays enough attention to checking such details. We strive not only to make our algorithms efficient and constantly improve.

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