The level of Rosaviatsia as a rule create backup copies of significant resources every. Few hours in automatic mode thanks to which the system can be restor in a short time. For passengers the failure is unlikely to be noticeable and for airlines it. Will become “a signal for extraordinary testing of their information systems and communication channels. For fault tolerance and security against hacker attacks Mr. Dvoryansky believes. Rosaviatsiya is an object of critical information infrastructure which is oblig to follow the regulations and create backups. “Any sane IT specialist understands this and working differently means sitting. ONa powder keg says Luka Safonov CEO of Cyberpolygon. If the fact of a hacker attack is confirm then it can be confidently. Consider one of the largest target attacks in recent times he notes. Such an attack could only have been carri out by a high-level professional Mr.

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Safonov believes. According to him hackers on foreign shady forums have join forces. “If earlier they were looking for vulnerabilities separately now they throw off all the information in the forum threads and use the expertise of all participants to strengthen the attack the Albania Phone Numbers List expert believes. He emphasizes that “the internet does not remember such unprecent actions.Angara SOC specialists conduct information security training for students of Sirius IT College Angara SOC experts conduct training on the topic “Windows Persistence: Emulate & Detect” for students of the Sirius IT College. The advanc information security course consist of 1 academic hours over two days. The training includ two parts: theoretical and practical.

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Maxim Pavlunin Head of the Angara SOC Monitoring Center told the students about attackers’ techniques for pinning themselves in Windows. After that on special virtual machines practical skills were work out to implement the techniques follow by the detection Mailing Data Pro of traces of fixing in Windows OS. Detection was demonstrat using the Angara SOC platform. “It is very important for us that we not only provid young talent minds with theoretical knowlge but also work out methods for emulating and detecting intruder techniques in practice. This will allow students to get useful skills right now and decide how interesting it is for them to do this in the future said.

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