A scale-out platform capable of feeding performance-hungry workloads. How many IOPS does your business need? 5or more? Nutanix AOS .5 can deliver them. What response times does your company need? Constantly under ms? Nutanix AOS .5 is ready for it. How big is your company’s database  Nutanix AOS .5 can do that . An independent analysis by the Enterprise Strategy Group of our database performance shows that a Nutanix cluster delivers more than .

Workloads and the promotion

Million random read IOPS and nearly , random write IOPS. Below is a screenshot of a performance test performed by a new customer who has set up Nutanix nodes: true  Cyber  ​​resilience network and security upgrades Security is a key B2B Email List purchasing criterion for IT organizations especially for mission-critical workloads and databases. AOS .5 brings networking and security enhancements for encrypted data recovery (DR) and cross-cluster trafficvirtual  isolation viewable AWS® subnets from the Nutanix Cloud Manager consoleand IPv certification for DODIN APL compliance for the United States Department of Defense . AOS  contributes even more to.

B2B Email List

Combined with built-in storage

Nightless security and infrastructure operations for  of “zero trust” practice. Integrated snapshots and storage tier replication Nutanix AOS .5 includes built-in storage-level snapshots with policy-based low-overhead VM- or datastore-specific snapshots. e-level replication Mailing Data Pro Nutanix AOS .5 sets the benchmark for how HCI systems should deliver SAN-grade data services. Some HCI offerings rely on snapshots and replication at the compute tier. That’s why Nutanix AOS .5 now has the architectural advantage with optimized cross-cluster replication that customers have been waiting for when looking to accelerate the migration of their workloads to an HCI infrastructure. Wide range of functions and ease of use AOS .5 builds on Nutanix’s long tradition of improving day-to-day processes so IT staff can free up nights and weekends.

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