Ihre Geschäftsprozesse und Daten jerzeit sicher sind Simplifi Packaging macht Schluss mit dem Rätselraten bei der Anschaffung von Cloud-Tools und stellt sicherdass die Geschäftsergnisse für den besten ROI priorisiert werden The simplifi cloud solution packages for hybrid cloud infrastructuremulti-cloud managementunifi storagatabase and desktop services consolidate the infrastructure managementoperationssecurity and business  for into easy-to-use packages which offer customers a complete set of functions for their nes. What solution packages are there? The packages offer enterprise-grade cloud solutions without losing the simplicity that Nutanix customers have come to expect. The newsimplifi portfolio includes: true Figure : Nutanix cloud solutions Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure NCI provides a complete software solution with virtual computestorageand networking for virtual machines and containers host in private data

Maintaining the operational efficiencies

centers on the hardware of your choice or in public clouds with built-in resiliencyself-healingperformancisaster recoveryand security can be provid. Operating NCI in the Public CloudNutanix Cloud Clusters NCenables customers to accelerate their hybrid cloud journey to achieve agilityelasticityand application modernization while  of a unifi Hong Kong Business Email List cloud environment with common management and policies across clouds. Key use cases include cloud burstingdisaster recoveryand data center lift and shift. The Nutanix Cloud Manager NCM simplifies building and managing cloud deployments by ensuring consistent governance across private and public cloudshelping customers accelerate their cloud journe.

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Optimization and accurate visibility

NCM provides intelligent operationsincluding monitoringinsightsand automat remiationmaking it easier for organizations to deployoperateand manage their applications. In additionNCM increases financial accountability and cost control through intelligent resource  into cloud metering and chargack. FinallyNCM unifies security operations for workloads and data across Mailing Data Pro clouds and automates. Disruption response through intelligent analytics and compliance. Readmore about NCM here Nutanix Unifi Storage NUS provides distribut and software. Definmulti-log volumefileobject storage to support a variety of workloads that can be deploy anywhere—in privatepublicor hybrid clouds—with.

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