For examplethe latest releases have add: VMware ESXi – Nutanix Objects is now support in addition to ESXi. This makes Objects one of the first object storage solutions available on the ESXi platformgiving administrators new ways to deploy next-generation storage. Change Healthcare PACS – Nutanix Files has been validat by Changethe world’s largest provider of healthcare softwareas a PACS/VNA data storage solution for Change’s  portfolio. IBM Watson Health PACS – Nutanix files are approv for short-term.

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Iong-term archival data for Merge PACSMerge CardioMerge Hemoand IBM Watson iConnect Enterprise Archive. IBM SpectrumProtect – Nutanix Objects is certifi as a storage Romania Business Email List target for backup with IBM SpectrumProtect. Milestone Video Surveillance – Nutanix Files has been validat with Milestone XProtect video management software and is recommend by their vendor as a smart and powerful solution for recordingmonitoring and storing thousands of camera fes simultaneously. Try it! It has always been important to us that you can easily test our storage solutions.

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Nutanix customers can deploytest and use TB with Nutanix Files and their own environments for free. But not everyone has direct access to a cluster for testing new. Storage solutionsand the hassle of setting up a proof of concept and providing test equipment Mailing Data Pro before e. That’s why Nutanix offers Test Drive a way to try out Nutanix Files or Nutanix Objects in minutes. For more informationseecloud is the key to business agility The latest version of the establish Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Index clearly shows that more and more IT managers are opting for hybrid cloud scenarios.

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