Implement the solution it is necessary to prepare the necessary regulatory framework. Are mobile apps safe? Anton Kukanov Deputy Head of Roskachestvo spoke about the research carrie out by the organization. For example a study of parental control apps found that % of them weren’t effective enough to block adult content. A study of mobile browsers showe that % of them pass the collecte data to a third party. % of all applications are not adapte enough for people with disabilities. In Roskachestvo examine the information security level of popular applications. As it turne out of them request inactive consent to data processing request data on the status of the phone do not allow deleting an account transfer personal data in unencrypte form.

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Among the less popular applications have banner ads have signs of spyware and only require the absolute minimum of access. How to protect clouds More and more corporate resources are moving to the clouds. At the same time % of organizations consider clouds unsafe Northeast Mobile Phone Number List Andrey Nuikin head of the information systems security department Evraz recalle. The list of main risks includes unauthorize access to data by third parties or when managing the service the risk of losing access to data for various reasons insufficient protection measures on the part of the provider incorrect configuration of cloud services violation of isolation.

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Between customers of the cloud provider and non-compliance with legal requirements. Andrey Nuikinspoke about the difficulties that arise in the protection of clouds. Firstly it is easy to create new virtual machines in the cloud and information security does not always keep up with this. Second cloud computing servers and local servers use the same operating Mailing Data Pro systems and applications. An intrusion detection and prevention system must be able to detect malicious activity at the level of virtual machines regardless of their location in the cloud environment. Thirdly when using cloud computing the network perimeter is blurre or disappears. This leads to the fact that the protection of the less secure part of the network d.

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