Their shopping on the pages of our online store as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. To do this, it is important to show the most interesting offers, as well as give recommendations that are right for him,” Alexey Chugunov, director of e-commerce at Gipfel . Retail Rocket Solution An official mono-brand online store has more opportunities regarding USP, which means it can make an offer to its client that others do not have. The main thing is to convey this information in a convenient form and convenient channel at the most suitable time for the buyer. This will not only increase the conversion to orders, but also increase the average check (AOV), which is directly related to business profit.

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To do this, it is important to increase customer loyalty by motivating him to buy more in one order. Artificial intelligence not only offers him the most suitable products, taking into Namibia Mobile Number List account interests and preferences, but also helps to build complex communication between the store and the buyer, which accompanies the client not only at all stages of the sales funnel, but also after leaving the online store. The following decisions were made: Optimize CJM by personalizing product offers for each client, taking into account his interests and behavior on the site Increase the.

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Effectiveness of a personal approach through iteration with the help of Growth Hacking; Create a store trigger map and launch scenarios that additionally motivate you to make repeat purchases. How CJM optimization with the help of personal recommendations allows you to increase revenue and average check: Gipfel case “The manufacturer has a number of Mailing Data Pro advantages of product offerings, unlike multi-brand retailers: new products appear here earlier, special advantageous offers are available, and this needs to be shown to customers through personal recommendations on the site. By increasing the loyalty of Gipped.

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