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Againtaking a more value-bas approach to their workforcetheir work and their customers. In one of the largest studies on the subjectmanagement consultants at Boston Consulting Group BCG recently found that percent of the workforce expects some degree of flexibility in their work. , people were survey in countriesincluding non-office workers. The result was overwhelming support for hybrid working time models. So there is much more at stake here than the future of the office: the ristribution of resourceswhich are no longer concentrat in a central copportunity to bring the most valuable asset of the company – its employees – closer to the customers.

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Skill employees canin many caseswork anywhere in a country or market in which the company operates. As a resultthe company gains deeper insights into its customers’ requirements and can thus build more meaningful relationships with its customers. From thisbetter products or Denmark Business Email List services can be deriv and a more profitable business can be develop. Not only we in the technology world are currently experiencing the rise of hybrid working models. Demosa political think tanksaid in a to be a better balance between work and private life. A hybrid working model is not only the best possible way to do thisbut even helps to increase productivity. In factmany leading technology companies are already reporting that their workforce Has.

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INcreas productivity during the pandemic – another argument for reorganizing the business to be more flexible. The pandemic and the ways of working that have emerg from it or spread through it have also shown the potential that technology offers individual companies or Mailing Data Pro entire industries. ThereforeGartner estimates that investment in services and products for application infrastructure will increase by . percent per year. Our own studybas on data from Xi Beam’s multi-cloud cost governance servicewhich CIOs use for cloud infrastructure managementshows that c of relational databases as a service on the Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.

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