First of allthese are retailonline store scar dealerships delivery services and any other organizations that process the personal data of their customers. Next comes the banking sectorwhere the main risk is the leakage of customer datacard numbers and other personal information. Howeverin the banking sector there are strict requirements of regulators to ensure information securityfor non-compliance with which significant fines are providedup to business suspension. Thereforemost of the banking market players pay serious attention to compliance with information security standards including the use of DLPHow to deal with leaks Typicallythe main target of cybercriminals is financesbillscommercial espionage or an attack with ransomware.

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Databases of personal data are often used for fraud obtaining missing information andultimatelyfinancial gain. Some seek to cash in on the sale of data or to harm a former employer. To combat leaksa combination of organizational and technical measures is increasingly being used. It is extremely important to work with personnel monitor the New Zealand Phone Numbers List effectiveness of hardware software and cryptographic tools and leak prevention systems DLP. To avoid data leakage it is necessary to comply with the regulations in particularon the processing and storage of personal data apply protection tools DLP systems software for protection against unauthorized access security scannersanti-spametc.

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It is necessary to protect data transmission channels for example using crypto-gateways store information in an isolated infrastructure and not on digital media that the company does not control conduct IT infrastructure security audits and penetration Mailing Data Pro testing. An important part of the measures is anti-virus protection. It is necessary to provide protection in three areas: to train employees in information security literacy in order to avoid accidental leaks due to phishing and negligenceto control employees with access to confidential data using specialized programs DLP systems in case of intentional leaksand to check the state of the infrastructure in a timely manner for hacks to protect yourself from hackers says Aleksey Droid.

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