Brand that the customer is a fan of. What’s new page We recommend products at discounted prices The client can find real fashion treasures and, at the same time, save on their purchase, on the promotions page in the online boutique. To make it easier for him to navigate through discounted products, here are a selection of recommendations based on his interests. Discount Page results Recommended products are present in more than 12% of orders on the site; The average check of visitors interacting with recommendations is 15% higher than the average for the site. Project comments How a personal approach generates more than 12% of orders: the case of the ElytS.

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Uonline boutique “Product recommendations on different pages of our site save customers time and allow them to see the maximum of interesting offers of the range. As a result, customers are satisfied with their purchases, and we are the growth of key business indicators. Thanks El Salvador Mobile Number List to the Retail Rocket team,” Klim Yadrintsev, online boutique development director. How a personal approach generates more than 12% of orders: the case of the online boutique « is actively developing and demonstrates a high customer focus. And we found points to improve the key metrics of the online boutique.

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Thanks to the modules of the Retention Management Platform, we were able to develop and implement a strategy for personalizing product offerings, which ensures the growth of revenue per customer, conversion and average check ” , — Mikhail, Retail Mailing Data Pro Rocket Manager.How to increase the loyalty of subscribers in the email channel by 1.5 times: the case of the KotoPhoto online hypermarket 04 Mar 2021 Intro catphoto How to surround buyers with care and make them an offer that is difficult to refuse? How to increase not only key indicators in the email channel, but also customer loyalty, as well as return “sleeping” customers to the site? We will talk about thoughtful and effective email communication.

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