IN addition when considering optimal resource allocation those responsible must take into account the effects of other technologies that they may ne to efficiently map their environment. These include for example profile containers application layering single sign-on and others. Nevertheless just dealing with these questions and trying to answer them at least partially makes a valuable contribution to determining the optimal resource allocation for virtual workplaces.  provid by manufacturers’ guides to best practices or reference architectures which show for eNutanix and the solutions for virtual workstations from Citrix and VMware: Nutanix Horizon View /vmware-horizon Citrix Apps and Desktops

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Desktops-on-ahv Optimize image One of the most important adjustment screws if not THE most important is the optimization of the Windows 10 image. With each release the operating system requires more resources. Much of this is certainly useful and essential but you can safely do without other services in a virtualiz work environment – for example because they Vietnam Business Email List are aim at private users like the Xbox Services. Citrix provides some optimizations when installing the VDA (Virtual Desktop Agent). true Fig. 1: Citrix Virtual Desktop: Operating system  an installation option However optimization during agent installation alone is not enough to achieve optimal performance values.

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Because of this both Citrix and VMware have releas tools that disable or uninstall most of the unne services. These tools have the advantage that the changes can be undone or individual optimizations can be specifically exclud. For example the Citrix Optimizer offers the Mailing Data Pro following additional optimizations for Windows 10 in version 1903: Remove Windows Mail and Calendar Turn off Cortana Disable CEIP Disable hibernation Disable distribut link tracking Disable Windows Storage Sense Disable CSC (offline files driver) Here are the links to the tools from different manufacturers.

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