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Succe in their transformation. The foundation for the platform that makes this possible is the hyper-converg infrastructure software in which we have been recogniz as an industry leader by Gartner and Forrester. But we’re not just about HCIwe also focus on how we contribute to the success of our customers. This is reflect in our exceptional customer satisfaction rate of % and average Net Promoter Score of for over years. Untangle the complexity of IT infrastructure IT administrators face great complexity in managing and operating infrastructureapplications and databases.

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Nutanix solves this complexity with innovative productsa clear commitment to customer choiceand simplifying day-to-day management tasks. Nutanix meets the Belize Business Email List unique nes of infrastructure administrators with intelligent and AI-power management tools like Prism Prowhich enable one-click execution of complex tasks such as infrastructure upgradesintelligent performance analysis and capacity planning. true Nutanix Era offers database lifecycle management that allows database administrators to efficiently and elegantly control the commissioning and operation of Oracle Microsoft SQLPostgreSQLmySQL and MariaDB directly from their local data centers.

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Large multinational service providers and customers are already using the Era and Nutanix Cloud Platform to build DBaaS offerings. Nutanix Era is one of the . Thereforewe are always open to feback and are constantly adding new features and database engines. For more announcements about additional features and support databasesclick here. True As an integral Mailing Data Pro part of our platformCalm’s infrastructure automation enables customers to. Design complex multi-tier operations. Beam’s cost control can also be us to check efficiency and provide accountability. With all these featuresyou can easily deploy the privatehybridand multi-cloud infrastructure you ne not only for SAPbut also for your other applicationsdatabasesand workloads. Deliver on a software platform through products that are well integrat and serve a common goal: to ensure simple and elegant operations and save valuable time for the busy IT.

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