INtensive or compute intensive depending on your workloads. Nutanix Clusters not only helps you separate applications from the underlying platform but also separate your business investments from it. You are free to use your portable Nutanix software licenses with the cloud of your choice. In addition you have the choice between pay-as-you-go (PAYG) or  flexible use. You can keep your existing investments with public cloud providers and take advantage of your crits discounts and payment models for bare metal instances and cloud resources us. true Nutanix Clusters gives YOU control and deploys YOUR NUTANIX software on YOUR AWS account on YOUR terms.

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Application examples Lift and Shift : Move applications to the cloud or consolidate your data centers. There is no ne to resign the applications. You can easily port them virtually without making any changes saving cost and time. Resilience on Demand : Quickly adjust s Malaysia Business Email List in minutes by accessing public clouds to respond to seasonal demands. Business continuity : Leverage public clouds for high availability and disaster recovery without the complexity of managing a secondary data center or standalone disaster recovery solution. Cloud-native services : Modernize existing on-premises applications with direct access.

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To cloud-native services such as artificial intelligence machine learning analytics and more to power your digital initiatives. The most important workloads Virtual desktops in the cloud : Leverage public cloud resources to easily scale VDI infrastructure. I/O-intensive applications : Integrate sophisticat databases big data and other I/O-intensive applications to Mailing Data Pro migrate to. Key Features Native network integration : Nutanix Clusters allows you to run all your Nutanix software in your existing AWS VPCs and completely eliminate network layer complexity. Continue using your existing AWS network configuration—cloud accounts VPCs subnets and Direct Connect. Rack Awareness & Automat Host Remiation : Nutanix Clusters intelligently selects node.

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