looking forward to celrating their winning laps. A lot has been done for this. Here’s a look under the hood of Xi Leap .: performance Five minute RPO Recovery Point Objective is now generally availableimproving database protection and all mission-critical defenses. This applies to on-premises environments with ESX and AHV. Support for VM sizes up to GB RAM and vCPU VMs – ideal for large database and critical application VMs. Multi-site VPN capability to connect multiple remote sites to one Xi-DR site via VPN. customer experience The new Xi Leap Onboarding¬† to use Xi Leap.

Rucing total cost of ownership

IMprov security: ISO Certification See the Nutanix Trust wsite for this and all other certifications . What to expect in the near future Automat DR testingwhere the service runs Sweden Business Email List plann test failovers automatically without customer interaction. Rundant backup of live VMs running on Xi Leap using leading data protection partner HYCU . What’s new at Xi Leap means for Nutanix customers With the tun Xi Leapcustomers can meet or exce their business continuity metrics while by up to 5%. When auditors and business decision makers are happyIT practitioners have fewer worries and more free weekends.

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Protection against ransomware attacks

IN additioneven the most business-critical workloads are eligible for DRaaS protectionwhich frees up space for new projects and frees up on-premises infrastructure. Nutanix DRaaS not only ensures apps and data are always protectbut also provides an additional Mailing Data Pro  layer of . With a five-minute RPOcustomers are back up and running on Xi Leap with minimal data lossleaving the criminals strand. Rounding this out is overall improv securitymaking the decision to move to DRaaS easier than ever. Free test drives for everyone! The Nutanix team offers everyone a free test drive with Xi Leap.

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