INa large company it had to be heavily reworke because before it was installe in companies with hundres of people and it turne out that it practically does not work in an organization with several thousand people. It took us several years of development so that this solution could be implemente in a company of the scale of for example Sberbank recalls the source. Aleksey Lukatsky an independent cybersecurity expert agrees with this. According to him at least % of Russian companies work on the basis of foreign information security solutions.

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Even departments and state corporations use foreign solutions in situations when it is necessary to provide work at high loading and territorially distribute infrastructure Lukatsky adde. Therefore the authorities have never had strict requirements for import substitution Italy Phone Numbers List of information security it was about certification by the Feeral Service for Technical and Export Control these security requirements could also be met by foreign companies he explaine. Another difficulty that may arise when switching to domestic cybersecurity software is its incompatibility with other programs says a source in a Russian cybersecurity company.

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If the Russian solution worke in small companies where people mainly use Microsoft Office C and browsers then it is not known whether it will conflict with programs in large corporations that have specific software like design applications. Russian software is Mailing Data Pro poorly teste and we ourselves are afraid to install it for customers says the interlocutor. By mid-March foreign antivirus developers Norton Avast and ESET as well as providers of information security solutions Cisco IBM left Russia.Fortinet Microsoft Acronis F-Secure Palo Alto Networks and others.

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