They will help you make an automatic forecast and choose the best response to incidents using the accumulated experience. Danil Borodavkin confirmed his confidence that the SOAR market in Russia will grow. The convenience of its use will increase integration opportunities will grow. Russian vendors will develop areas that foreign suppliers have closed so far. Although Nikolai Klimov agreed with the general assessment he expressed concern that the current situation on the market could lead to stagnation in the development of Russian vendors. Roman Ovchinnikov agreed with these concerns. The experts noted at the same time that there are alternative Open Source solutions on the market with the help of which it is possible to partially close still uncovered areas but the lack.

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OF strong competition may adversely affect the market. conclusions The AM Live SOAR in Russian broadcast on June was attended by experts representing the players of the domestic market of incident response systems. They talked about Bahrain Mobile Number List why such systems are being implemented and how its participants assess the dynamics of this market. The forecast of its further development is given. We discuss the hottest topics for the Russian information security market live at the AM Live online conference. Don’t forget to subscribe to the AntiMalwareu YouTube channel so you don’t miss the latest releases and have the opportunity to ask the studio’s guests a question.

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See you live!Risks of a new reality: a safe path through a minefield Risks of a new reality: a safe path through a minefield Today any domestic company needs to pay Mailing Data Pro attention to risk management. Carry out a diagnosis of the IT infrastructure: what vulnerabilities do you have what threats do you have and what damage can this cause to the business. Russian companies are accustomed to working in difficult and unpredictable conditions. Financial crises successive waves of the Covid pandemic.

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