Devices has reached 60%. One of the growth points for online development is recommendations in the mobile version of the site. Thanks to Retail Rocket solutions, our customers can make purchases as comfortably as possible on any device, while we know exactly what products and when to offer them,” Soya Kaigorodova, Head of the Eldorado e-commerce department. Why it is important to use different merchandising strategies on desktop and mobile: Eldorado case “We have been cooperating with Eldorado for a long time, and despite the active development of this company, we find more and more new points of growth in business indicators.

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Our technical capabilities allow us to create a seamless shopping experience using customer data, no matter what device they are shopping on. This approach opens up new opportunities for business development and increasing customer loyalty,” Tatyana, Retail Rocket manager. Dthe most serious risks faced by almost all Russian companies working on foreign Hungary Mobile Number List software and equipment is related to the withdrawal of Western vendors from our country. A significant part of corporate clients has taken a waitandsee attitude they have frozen the IT projects planned for this year.

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They are ready to wait for the return of Western vendors at the moment not many are even ready to consider domestic alternatives. But one thing is already clear: without loss of quality it is impossible to replace departed vendors with domestic developments in the Mailing Data Pro short term says Alexander Chulanov development director of the Abak group of companies. You can draw an analogy with learning to swim figure skating and other sports under the guidance of an experienced and eminent coach. You learned to swim ride run at a basic level but suddenly unexpectedly your coach left left you and a less famous colleague took his place. You have decided that now everything the path to big sport is closed.

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