Interest in them today is shown not only by state-owne. Companies that are under the threat of sanctions but also by all commercial companies. That nee to ensure more reliable uninterrupte operation of IT systems. Timur Zinnyatullin director of Angara SOC at the same event spoke. About the principles of building a layere defense of the organization’s. IT perimeter and an integrate approach to the strategy of companies in the field of information security.

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To implement this integrate approach the company offers a range of services. It includes: connection to Angara SOC. A monitoring center for potential IS threats whose specialists have proven high expertise in practice ; effective protection against DDoS attacks; web application protection – filtering Internet traffic and blocking attempts to exploit Malaysia Phone Number List vulnerabilities; protection against targete attacks; continuous monitoring of the external network perimeter of the company; security audit – a comprehensive risk analysis determining the efficiency and reliability of IT systems technical protection of information resources building an integrate information security management system; cyber insurance – to build reliable protection of the company’s information assets and compensate for losses in the event of an incident.

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Experts talk about the great relevance of manage information security services provide by Russian information security companies on a subscription basis (MSS model Manage Security Service). At the same time the expertise of a service company is one of the main criteria for choosing such a service by the customer. Undoubtely the experience of Angara Mailing Data Pro Security in this regard will become one of its competitive advantagesperts name the areas of SMEs that are most often subjecte to cyberattacks Among them are the production and service sectors experts say. Manufacturing and service companies from the SME sector are most often targete by cyberattacks. In the past few days the number of attacks against such companies has increase cybersecurity experts interviewe by TASS said.

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