with excellent service; Satisfied customers are 87% more likely to buy new products and services; An important part of the shopping experience is a personal approach: 21% of all buyers choose a mobile application because of personalized content. It is impossible to create a high-quality customer experience without understanding the Customer Journey, which means that work to improve each stage of CJM should be part of the strategy of any successful business.How to help a client with a choice and get 18.

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Additional revenue using online recommendations on the website: INTERTOP case 21 Sep 2021 Personal recommendations Often, a rich selection of even the highest quality products interferes with the online shopping process for a client: he can look through the Bosnia and Herzegovina Mobile Number List pages for a long time, but in the end he will not find a suitable offer. The task of the store is to create a positive shopping experience for him and, first of all, to show the catalog positions that best suit his needs. About how a personal approach reduces Customer Journey and increases sales – in our case with the INTERTOP online store. Figures and facts INTERTOP is a trading network with a 15-year history, which includes more than 40 retail stores in Kazakhstan.

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The product range includes products from about 100 well-known brands: Geox, Timberland, Vans, The North Face, Tommy Hilfiger, etc. There are more than 300,000 active members in the INTERTOP loyalty club , and the Mailing Data Pro entire base is 800,000 people. The average site traffic per month is 640,000 sessions. The main task of the INTERTOP online store   is to improve the shopping experience by creating the most comfortable conditions for online shopping by personalizing product offers. Solution: Using customer data, offer each customer a unique version of the online store with personal recommendations based on their interests and behavior.

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