INstead they can take advantage of cloud crits and use the licenses on whatever hardware and cloud platform they choose. This stubborn passion for customer freom was the foundation of our recent Cloud on Your Terms campaign. We know that choice is the best selling point for companies that want to own their cloud experienceand we want to make that vision clear. For us”Cloud on Your Terms” means that your wishes come first in our partnership. You choose your ideal technologies and we implement them – with the maximum simplicity and flexibility describ above.

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Your terms” means that there are no compromises or difficult decisionsjust reliability that will guide you to all your small and big goals. Watch this here to learn more about it. We would like to show you what we mean. ¬© NutanixInc. All rights reserv. Nutanixthe Croatia Business Email List¬†Nutanix logoand all product and service names mention herein are register trademarks or trademarks of NutanixInc. in the US and other countries. All other brand names mention herein are for identification purposes only and may be trademarks of their respective owners. This report contains links to external wsites that are not part of Nutanixom.

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Nutanix has no control over these wsites and disclaimscontent. Our decision to link to an External Wsite should not be constru. As an endorsement of any content on such wsite. Certain information in this post may be bas on studiespubli cationsSurveys and other Mailing Data Pro data from third-own internal estimates and research refer to or are bas on them. Although we believe thesestudiespublicationssurveys and other third party. Data to be reliable as of the date of this documentthey have not been independently verifi and we make no representations as to the adequacycorrectnessaccuracy or completeness of any informationthat we have receiv from third-party sources.

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