Customers from all industries but it will be easier for someone to overcome it such as the public sector which has been living in the software import substitution paradigm for several years and it will be harder for someone else. The situation that has develope over the past month has turne into a real economic war for Russia: harsh sanctions from the Unite States the European Union and a number of other countries as well as a mass exodus of Western companies including those operating in the field of telecommunications and information technology from the Russian market.

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Some of them simply cease their activities leaving customers in Russia without support and updates others refuse to renew current licenses and sell new ones and still others significantly limite the portfolio of products and services for domestic customers. Even if the Western Austria Phone Numbers List vendor continues to serve customers in Russia will inevitably have problems with payment since Western payment systems have stoppe working in our country. On the territory of the Russian Feeration their functions are performe by NSPK Many experts already call the current situation a new reality in which both the Russian IT industry and consumers of its products and services have to live and exist.

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Fortunately all these events did not take Russian IT companies by surprise. In the country at the state level for many years a systematic policy has been carrie out to replace foreign solutions with domestic analogues. And if quite recently there were skeptics of this Mailing Data Pro approach who argue about where they say the world giants who have been working in Russia for more than a dozen years will go today their voices are no longer heard. Domestic enterprises in turn face a global task: to urgently migrate to Russian analogues of foreign systems doing this as quickly safely and at no extra cost as possible.

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