During the pandemicthe management level in many companies turn into a task force that dealt with business-critical issues on an almost daily basis. The focus was on managing crisesrucing costsregaining competitive advantagessecuring the company’s continu existence and profitability. In the face of a global crisisall of these aspects requir a reallocation of resources. Looking aheadsenior management now naturally wants to focus on profitability and future viability of the business. And this is a good opportunity to ristribute resources againusing the power.

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OF technology to make the reallocationthis time for the long-term benefit of your business. IDC believes this will be the most difficult task of a CIO’s career. But IDC also believes that the leaders in transformative technology will seize the opportunity to make breakthroughs Czechia Business Email List for their organizations as this evolves. The results of IDC’s research align with our own findingswhich show that having successfully reorganiz their organization during the pandemicCIOs are now task with managing increas adoption and adoption of digital technologies. In doing sothey increasingly reach beyond the traditional boundaries of the IT department. And they are embd in the business processes more extensively.

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Than before in order to be able to support other departments in solving their problems. This will lead to companies becoming more agile and adaptable. “Technologyof the company says IDC – and I agree with that statement. Because if  processes Mailing Data Pro can no longer be repair: Both business processes and the underlying tools must be able to change quickly and react to the nes of employees or customers. New Values From the point of view of customers and employeesthe pandemic has either rais the question of new values ​​in the first place or brought it more to the fore. Following the pandemic-relat reorganizationcompanies are now expect to reorganize yet.

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