Those who do not understand this are in for a bitter awakening. You shouldn’t be surpris if one day your well-defin and well-thought-of claims are lost because customers who are planning new projects choose new partners who they value as customers and who respond to their nes. Admittlybusiness-to-business technology is complicat. Stillthere’s no good reason that licensing nes to be so opaqueor that shortcuts and tricks are us to retain customers. Insteadvendors should do a better and offer solid value for money back by expertise.

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More than evercustomers ne flexibility instead of suppliers who fight hard. You don’t gain customer loyalty by luring them in like a flytrap and then not letting go. Customer loyalty has to be earn. Providers that do a good job and focus on customer nes will be reward by Colombia Business Email List the vast majority of their customers – even if they give them an easy exit.VDI passes its matriculation exam in uncertain times A lot has chang in the first half of and many certainties have been overturn. What has remain is the claim of companies and employees to be able to work productively – even in a difficult environment.

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While desktop virtualization is not newit is now pwhen it comes to being able to react quickly to new requirements. By: Sammy ZoghlamiSVP EMEA Nobody currently knows when the COVID- crisis will endhow severe the recession it will trigger will bewhat Mailing Data Pro everyday life will look like afterwards and what will change as a result in the long term. The only thing that iswill no longer be the same as they us to be. And that also applies to many assumptions about how IT operations in companies should look like. Many old clichés and many theories from lengthy conferences that IT is about being agileflexibleadaptable etc. have suddenly become reality.

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