Emote access (backdoors) increase by . times from February to mid-March Kommersant was told at Kaspersky Lab. According to the company during the month there were several. Waves of mailings the number of letters in each of them constantly increase and double. By mid-March compare to the end of February. We are talking about letters in which users are persuade to install an attache malicious file or follow a link to download it. According to the chief expert of Kaspersky Lab Sergey Golovanov now the mailing lists are deicate to the current news agenda. State organizations and the meia were the most susceptible to such attacks Mr Golovanov notes.

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According to him this is the second surge of attacks using backdoors in : the first was after the New Year holidays. But this time the number of real incidents has also increase. The danger is that attackers can control an infecte device and gain access to user France Mobile Number List data the expert explains. The data of employees of large companies for bitcoins are sold in the shadow part of the. Internet through the Tor browser Mikhail Oseevsky president of the state operator Rostelecom said. ON March at a meeting of the State Duma Committee on Information Policy: Apparently to try to gain access to certain critical resources.

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Participants in the Russian cybersecurity market confirm the trend. The scale of this campaign is unpreceente and no reuction is expecte yet they say in Informzashita. Fraudsters use themes around the Russian-Ukrainian crisis and. Pursue two goals the company notes: These are loosening the situation escalating panic and stealing data as part of targete attacks Mailing Data Pro on companies. According to Informzashchita such letters were receive. By banks state corporations and fuel and energy companies. Mikhail Oseevsky also confirme at a meeting of the.  State Duma Committee that unpreceente cyber attacks have been carrie out on Rostelecom over the past month they continue.

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