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Real value and true transparency

No longer works By: Peter Goldbrunner Country Manager and S Germany and Austria at Nutanix The whole IT is developing at a dizzying spe No not all IT: One dark little corner is stubbornly resisting: licensing. But here too something is gradually happening. Because there is Oman Business Email List increasing demand for license models that do not impose a lock-in on users and offer. Today artificial intelligence cloud computing the Internet of Things and other new developments open up great opportunities for us. However enterprise software licensing continues to cling to old habits. I’m thinking specifically of the perpetual licensing model where buyers pay a one-time acquisition cost and then an annual maintenance fee.

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Ittle choice here and the model

This licensing variant is a relic from the old days. However it has surviv in the complex software building blocks of IT such as databases and ERP systems since buyers have l accommodates providers: the tentacles of huge software packages are holding the company Mailing Data Pro tightly. The answer to the question of why some vendors stick with perpetual licensing is plain and simple: “because they can”. Because their customers are so dependent on their software that there are hardly any viable alternatives. Even despite multiple attempts to unravel the licensing the old joke that the contract is more complex than the binary that comes with it still holds true.

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