The Extended Support That Interprocom Offers Today Is A Wide Range Of Services Including Services Similar To Premium Support From Specialized Vendors. We Have Compiled An Import Substitution Matrix For Profile Solutions We Have Our Own Developments. And We Are Promptly Integrating Profile Solutions From Other Russian Suppliers Into Our Portfolio. Cooperation Within The Russian It Community Is An Important Sustainability Factor. It Is Also Very Important For Customers Today To Go Beyond The Usual Approach. If You Look Wider You Can See More And Find An Alternative Solution For Your Tasks.

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For Example If The Capacity Of Your It Infrastructure Is Not Enough It Is Not Necessary To Increase It By Purchasing New Equipment You Can Use The Resources Of The Data Center. Or Instead Of The Usual Laptops And Desktops Look At The Vdi Virtual. Desktop Model Exit Mobile Phone Numbers We Also Have Local Cloud Services Create Or Use Trusted Operating And Information Environments. We Must Learn From Every Situation We Find Ourselves In. We Have No Other Choice But To Follow The Path Of Import Substitution Especially When It Comes To Critical It Systems.

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However One Should Not Expect Easy Victories In Such Projects This Is A Rather. Thorny Path Not Only For It Teams But Also For Users Who Will Have.  To Not Only Learn But Relearn Adapt And Gain New Experience. Ict-onlineu: How Typical Are Large Import Mailing Data Pro Substitution Projects For Your Company? What Are These Projects As A Rule? What Competences. Allow Them To Carry Out? Egor Volkov (Inline Technologies): For Us Such Projects Are Very Typical Since Companies With State Participation And Public Authorities Are One Of Our Main Customers. All Of Them Comply With Laws By-laws And Government Decrees. Accordingly When Implementing Projects For Such Customers We Actively Use Domestic Equipment And Software. First Of All We Are Talking About Projects For Building.

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