Eraincluding significantly simplifying the usual system updates in development and test. Environmentswhich take only a few minutes. x Nutanix support for PostgreSQL Nutanix Era also offers the ability to manage multiple database engines from an easy-to-use control plane along with services that enhance and extend database lifecycle management in a hybrid and multi-cloud environment. PostgreSQL is one of the most widely us relational database engines and is of course also support by Nutanix. AdditionallyNutanix now offers x support for community itions of PostgreSQL. In doing soit eliminates concerns about potential reconciliation issues between multiple.

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Vendors should support issues ariserucing the time it takes to resolve issues and ultimately increasing customer satisfaction. Manag Database as a Service from HCL Technologies For customers who prefer fully manag database services and usage-bas Saint Kitts and Nevis Business Email List billingNutanix has HCL. The joint SKALE DB power by HCL and Nutanix technology-bas solution is a securescalablecloud-readymanag  DBaaS offering that leverages the ease of management and automation of Nutanix Era and Prism. It ruces customers’ operational costs and allows them to use a pay-per-use model. Try it! Think what’s been said here about the simplicity and efficiency of.

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Nutanix Era sounds too good to be true?easyde ploying cloningpat ching backing up and restoring databases can be. Take a free practice test with Nutanix Era SAP HANA Scale-Out Certification: Additional uses and value for Nutanix and HCI users By: Bas RaaymanPrincipal Solutions Engineer on the Nutanix SAP team Nutanix is ​​the first HCI platform certifi to Mailing Data Pro scale out from SAP HANA. In additionthe existing HANA certification has been expand. As a resultHANA s allow up to .5 TB for a single HANA database. Almost twice as much as before. In this blog you can find out what this means for users and how extensively Nutanix supports SAP operations in other respects.

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