Special projects at Angara Security. Phishing mailings partly led to ransomware getting onto the devices of victims. If earlier hackers demanded a ransom for unlocking systems now large organizations are more often targeted by attackers the blocking of whose systems can cause panic or public outcry. One of such successful attacks was the attack on the Wildberries marketplace on March as a result of which the company’s website worked intermittently for more than two days: of Wildberries users recorded problems accessing the application had difficulties with order tracking. The second largescale attack was the attack on the Rutube video service part of the GazpromMedia holding on ​​May : the platform was unavailable for almost two days and the company’s internal.

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Correspondence and data from a number of popular accounts appeared on the network. The main goal of the hackers was to demonstratively disable the resource and create a wave of concern around the situation experts say. State information systems were Kuwait Mobile Number List also attacked. On March the IT infrastructure of the Federal Air Transport Agency was hit: due to the actions of hackers the entire document flow files on the servers were destroyed the Gosuslug system of the department was deleted and all incoming and outgoing letters were lost for a year and a half.

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IN total the department lost about TB of electronic data. The experts came to the conclusion that the attack was organized by several groups of hackers who joined forces for the most effective action. On April the correspondence of the regional ministries of Mailing Data Pro culture was posted online. The data could have been leaked as a result of exploiting a vulnerability in the mail server Kommersant’s interlocutors in the cybersecurity market believe. First of all the dangerous situation has developed due to the insufficient preparedness of the company’s infrastructures to repel complex targeted attacks Stanislav Fesenko head of the Crosstech.

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